Monday, September 8, 2008

RTF Reunion Tour DVD coming soon

photo by Wharfie of RTF's opening night at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas

Here's a newsflash for you: members of Return To Forever were in Los Angeles last week at Mad Hatter Studios, Chick's recording home for the last three decades, mixing the long-awaited live performance DVD of their recently concluded tour. Stanley had a gig in Las Vegas with Marcus Miller and Vic Wooten on Saturday the 30th, so they pushed right up to the Labor Day weekend.

If you were lucky enough to see them play during their 50-date tour, you know what good news this is. If you got to see a couple of those performances it just doubles the anticipation. But unless you were in the band, you didn't get to hear or see every performance. The live DVD should fill that void.

Not only that, when you see a live performance it goes bing-bang-boom and then it's over. No matter how good your recollection, your own mental "home movie" fades quickly. Re-living it is SO much easier if you have a DVD to prompt the memories.

Of course, if you wanted to see them live but weren't able to, here's your chance. I don't know who is doing the video post-production, but be assured that the guys in RTF are insisting on putting out work of the highest quality.

Oh yes. Bernie Kirsh did the recording, so the sound should be PHENOMENAL. Make sure your sound systems are ready...