Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to get tickets to see RTF this summer

As I said in my last post, no tour dates have been announced as of yet for the upcoming Return To Forever tour. Neither Chick's well-maintaned website chickcorea.com nor the one for Ted Kurland Associates (Chick's long-time Boston-area booking agency that is booking tour dates for RTF) shows anything booked for Chick past early May, and nothing at all yet for RTF. This could mean a number of things, including that there might be an announcement and ensuing ticket-agency/scalper gold rush, but speculation is a waste of time.
Here is something that is not a waste of time. At the bottom of the chickcorea.com web page showing tour dates is a message saying "Sign up for Chick’s elist and be among the first to be notified when the official RTF tour dates are announced. (click here) ." The link takes you to another web page where you can get your email address added to the list. I've been on this mailing list for years and suspect it will be the very best way of getting your tickets. They've never spammed me.
I'm getting pumped. This is going to be the must-see jazz event of the year.

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