Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Return To Forever "Returns" 2CD set release date(s)

There has been some confusion about the release date for Return To Forever's 2CD set of material, Returns, recorded during last summer's reunion tour. I just received an email from Chris Hewlett, whose London firm is handling PR and publicity for the release. Here is what he said:

"The CD will be released in the UK on 2 March. The date for the US seems to be the 17th."

There you have it.


Arno said...

could we expect a dvd of this tour?
i saw a film crew at the Nice(France) concert.
any S.M.V. or VERTU dvd?
I saw a camera crew at the S.M.V. concert in Amsterdam

Tit said...

their official site promises DVD so hopefully we'll be able to relive the experience...

Carl Hager said...

Arno, as Tit says in his post, the official response to the question, Could we expect a DVD of this tour?, is Yes, there will certainly be a DVD. When that will happen is not as certain. The delay of its release has been the subject of at least three of my blog entries here... go to the upper left-hand corner my home page to the feature marked SEARCH BLOG, then do a search on Dark Tales of the Black Forest. If you want more of the continuing story, one of the oldest threads on the return2forever.com forum is a discussion of the rumors that swirl around the subject of its eventual release.