Sunday, May 10, 2009


Corea, Clarke and White to open a fall tour at the Hollywood Bowl Sept. 2

Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Lenny White have booked a handful of engagements for later this year, commencing Sept. 2 at the Hollywood Bowl. No, it isn't the Return To Forever Returns II that we were all anticipating. The initial agreement to play together this year was apparently consummated last summer while they were touring as Return To Forever, but their agent Ted Kurland Associates has recently begun to book them aggressively. Guitarist Al Di Meola, who publicly claimed to take severe umbrage at the idea that he hadn't been included, has hopefully moved on. Hell hath no fury like a guitar god scorned.

Note on Corea, Clarke and White's Hollywood Bowl show here in Los Angeles: the Hollywood Bowl was selling subscription tickets only until last week, but single tickets are now available. John Scofield and his Piety Street Band will join them on the bill. Reasonably priced, I might add.

Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles, CA

Detroit International Jazz Festival - Chase Main Stage
Detroit, MI

Monterey Jazz Festival - Lyon's Stage
Monterey, CA

The Royal Conservatory - Telus Centre for Performance and Learning - Koerner Hall
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

Palace Hall
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Skopje Jazz Festival 2009 - Universal Hall

50! Jazz Festival Ljubljana - Cankarjev Dom, Cultural & Congress Centre
Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Oosterpoort Main Hall

11/27/2009 to 12/02/2009
Blue Note Tokyo
Tokyo, JAPAN


Tit said...

finally in slovenia I must say and Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog shall perform on the same concert here in october...

Carl Hager said...

That's great Tit! This time you won't have to travel all the way to Belgrade to see them...

mags said...

Poor Al(?). Maybe he was not invited because this will be more of a straight ahead affair (like Hiromi & the boys)? Any word, Carl?

Carl Hager said...

mags - You could well be right about this being more of a straight-ahead affair. Corea, Clarke and White all came up that way. Chick with Blue Mitchell and Stan Getz, Lenny with Jackie McLean and alongside Stanley with Joe Henderson, etc. All three later played a fantastic but unheralded set of hard-bop material with Joe Henderson and Freddie Hubbard in March-April 1982, releasing 2 studio recordings and 2 live ones, two of which were finally reissued on CD late last year. I've done a review of these sessions that will soon be published simultaneously on AllAbout and on this blog. A straight-ahead context wouldn't suit Di Meola, but whether his not performing with them is related is speculation. I can also tell you that Lenny told me there is a chance of a guest that evening, a player who most certainly would be playing a very electric electric guitar.