Friday, September 14, 2012

UPDATED POLL RESULTS: the 5 Best Jazz/Rock Fusion Recordings of All Time

Thanks to all of you who have been voting on this poll of the 5 best Jazz/Rock albums of all time.   I have updated the totals and realigned them, so just go to the link for a look at the new numbers.

Hundreds and hundreds of music fans from all over the world have been reading the results I published last week, and a new wave of votes have been coming in.
  If you haven't cast a vote for your own favorite 5 recordings, it's easy.  Just log into the comments section at the bottom of this article, or you can also VOTE by sending me an email. 

There have been a few surprises, like Hiromi's favorite guy, Frank Zappa, who has been getting more votes.  Unsurprisingly, the two top vote-getters, Return to Forever's Romantic Warrior and Mahavishnu Orchestra's Inner Mounting Flame, have been holding on in the top positions.

Look over the list.  Do you see anyone or their recordings missing that should be there?


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